The Latency

That the new thing now?

Month: April, 2013


The Latency are pretty terrible.

A few words of introduction and warning


Good evening. Here is a picture of my fat, smug cat.

I’ve been meaning to set something up here, under the immortal banner of The Latency, for a good long while now. Then I found out that there is a defunct Canadian band of the same name, but they’re defunct so the hell with them anyway. (Soon I will spend thirty dollars on a year’s ownership of, and then they’ll feel really silly.) What has been a deterrent, at least to this point, is the fact that there is a lot of uninformed noise out there, floating around, all of which has designs on our vanishingly small cultural attention span, and who the hell am I to presume to add my porcine shrieking to the din?

Just a guy, really. With a fat, smug cat and some time to kill.

So. Let’s get started.