any use

by vlock1

when we were in the city with that friend of mine
who I have to remember not to introduce to any more
female friends
because they invariably fall
you have no idea how jealous
you made me

for some reason I always imagine that
around him I am less than adequate
and god help me if I don’t feel that way
even right now thinking about him
he always says I’m the one with all the talent
but mine hide beneath layers of benediction
and his are evident at first glance

whether posterity calls
I’m not sure
but I know that
he usually wins
unless I’m well in the game
and I was most assuredly not

but anyway when we were in the city
with that good friend of mine
you kept calling him babe
and I know it doesn’t matter much
but I just wanted to tell you how
honored I would have been
if you’d ever called me babe
on our little vacation